Consumer legal resources in England and Wales

The English legal system

Historic Sources of LawThe English legal system is based on two complimentary law systems which have evolved side by side since the middle ages.

Civil and criminal law

Public and Private LawThe law can be divided into public and private. Public law includes criminal law and private law is commonly known as civil law.

The English court system

English Court StructureThe court structure is generally divided into civil and criminal courts. Proceedings are started in the lower courts of first instance.

Funding legal services

Legal FundingAlthough litigation is expensive, there are several ways to fund legal fees as well as free sources of legal help and advice.

Professional conduct and client care

Client Care Letter

Lawyers and their staff have a duty to look after their clients’ best interests and to act professionally and ethically at all times. Solicitors have to follow the rules laid out by the SRA.

claim pack

How to respond to a claim


County court process


County Court Judgments


Enforcement of judgments and orders.