Money troubles

  • Are you having trouble paying your rent, mortgage, council tax or utility bills?
  • These have to come above everything else, everyone else can wait, see priority debts.
  • Experiencing difficulties or defaulted on your accounts?
  • There are many ways to deal with this, see dealing with debt.
  • Are debt collectors ringing all the time? Even at work?
  • You don’t have to talk to them, you can put a stop to that, see harassment.
  • Are creditors adding extortionate interest and/or charges?
  • They may not be allowed to do so,  see unfair relationships.
  • Have payday lenders been helping themselves your money?
  • Take control of your money, see how to stop recurring payments.
  • Being pursued for an old debt?
  • If you haven’t made payments in 6 years or more, it may be statute barred.
  • You may be able to challenge some debts using the Consumer Credit Act

CCJs and enforcement

Bailiff visit? DON’T LET THEM IN! See bailiffs for what to do.
  • Have you checked your credit files and found a CCJ that you knew nothing about?
  • Has the Land Registry contacted you about an Interim Charging Order on your home?
  • Have you received a letter saying there is a judgment against you?
  • Has a notice of enforcement been delivered to you?
  • Have you had a visit to collect or enforce a debt?
  • Have you received a form relating to an attachment of earnings?
  • Have you been summoned to appear in court or threatened with imprisonment over a debt?
  • There are a lot of myths surrounding judgments and enforcement. You need to be clear on what you, the creditor and the courts can and can’t do.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to:
  • get the judgment set aside;
  • agree an affordable monthly installment and avoid action;
  • object to an order being made;

Court claims